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The new beginning


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I think it's inevitable now that a new manager is coming, whether that be on an interim basis or permanent.


The club needs it. Let's face it, we haven't really celebrated the departure of H&G yet.


So, the new beginning. Pretend you're the man in the hot seat. You're the one that needs to stop the rot and create our new future.


What would you do?


You're allowed two new signings only, otherwise you have to work with what you've got.


Players and formation - how would you go about things?


Me, I'd do the following.


Gently move Carra and Kuyt out the team. They are not the future. I would use them like Man Utd used Giggs and Scholes a few years back. Big games only.


Gerrard would play behind Torres, not centre mid unless in case of emergency.


Lucas and Meireles - I'd allow them to build a partnership.


I'd buy a decent left back and a decent wide player, the latter being A Johnson or A Young.


I'd give Kelly and Wilson more games when possible.


Agger would be a starter.


I'd play 4-2-3-1.


I would press from the front and insist the team moves the ball with pace. We might lack pace, but we can make the ball work quicker.


I'd go back to a form of zonal marking at set pieces but always leave one, maybe two outside our box.


I'd be looking at something like this for most home games, except against top 4 teams.



GloJo Wilson Agger NewLB


...........Meireles Lucas


Maxi.....Gerrard........A Johnson


................The Tog


Subs: Cole Kelly Ngog Kuyt Carra Pacheco Jones


This until the summer transfer window.

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There are some fantastic players out there and even if we aren't in the Champions league at the moment.. Our name and history will influence alot of players into wanting to play for us.


Bolton's Cahill.. 15m prob.. bargain. Fantastic defender and still so young.


The Benfica boys like concetrao and Cardozo would leave..




But also I'd like to see Reina made captain.. and I'm being serious about that one. Also I'd like to see Joe Cole given a run of games behind Torres. I really think they could link well if given the chance. Also I'd love to see Glen Johnson on the right wing with Kelly at RB.















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Mertesacker would be no where near my ideal LFC team

I'd be after one of Dortmund's centre backs before him.

Subotic especially.


Also I'd bloody love Fabio Coentrao but his buyout is €30m.

Be the statement though. We've been patching up LB since Beglin.

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Depends what you mean by ideal. If you mean household names with a big price and reputation then no. If you mean him and Agger allowing us to play higher up the pitch then yes he is ideal at the minute.

Nah, I don't mean household names at all. I'm not convinced by his game on the ground. Then again, I would never have thought that Hyypia would turn out so well so...


I'd be after one of Dortmund's centre backs before him.

Subotic especially.


Followed Klopp from Mainz...

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my choice from jan onwards



--Johnson ---------Naldo---------Agger -----------Cissoko









replacing Kuyt and Maxi with two word beating wingers

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