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How did you get your forum name?

New York Red

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My name is Leo and at the time of joining I used to wear number 8 for my footy teams. That was the one year I played both Saturday and Sunday football up front permanently and wore number 8 all season. The lads I played with for both sides were class - Stan Wyke on a Sunday who had played for Liverpool youth teams and come through with Michael Owen, and a lad called Liam on Saturday who played for the Dock previously and was a genius.


I was about 25 and happened to work in the Albert Dock next to Cannons gym, so I basically went to the gym for my lunch hour every day and got incredibly fit - I was really quick for my size for a time. I scored about 60 goals that season, won a league and cup double with the APH and scored twice in the cup final at the police club, hat-tricks, a couple of overhead kicks - its incredible what you can do when your confidence rockets and you get on a roll.


It was the one season I'll always look back on with the most fondness even if I have played at a higher level since - the next season I moved up in standard and they wanted me to play at the back, but it has always been as a centre half which just isn't as much fun. In fact I've always worn number 5 in the school team, University football, and most of the amateur / semi pro football I've played except that year and still do now. I'm purely an emergency striker these days.


So I should be Leo No.5, but I'm glad my name here reminds me of my favourite ever season so I've stuck with it ever since.

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Well when the oakie was open I lived there..................Kahnee thought my name was Colin (it's Chris and god knows where he got Colin from), so Jonesy decided I should be oakie colin but I preferred Oakie Bob


Because your name is Colin. God knows where you get this Chris stuff from.


Mine comes from a stunning lack of imagination

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