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NESV and their strategy


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I think lots o people think he's s***. Not really liked on here is he. Personally, I think he's good. He's now operating under a shrewd chairman that has controlled his spending habits. He's been made to focus a lot more on the pitch and he's proving useful. He did well at west ham, won a trophy at Pompey and is doing a good job at Spurs.


Despite this, because of his media persona, many write him off completely. He's certainly not mr clean off the pitch, but he's a good manager on it. I'm not sure too many agree with me, hence me claiming he's under rated, by fans particularly.


Media love him as do others in the game, so he's not underrated in that sense.



He's become characterised as a wheeler dealer and a player's manager, and either celebrated or dismissed on that basis

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He's become characterised as a wheeler dealer and a player's manager, and either celebrated or dismissed on that basis




A friend of mine was the one that knocked on his door at 4 in the morning to arrest him. Definitely a wheeler dealer.

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I'm still very positive about NESV, they have an extremely tough call at the moment on the manager but I reckon that they will hold out on any sweeping changes until the summer unless its absolutely necessary. They'll be aware of the fans anger at Hodgson but the long term logic would suggest change when a better quality of manager becomes available as opposed to an immediate fix. Managers like Deschamps still involved in champions league campaigns will not be lured to Anfield in January but may see a lucrative offer in the summer a greater temptation and its that sort of quality we need to be looking at, not those who may be available at the moment.


We could still sack Hodgson and appoint Dalglish as interim manager but Dalglish has not managed a club for years and I doubt he'd fare any better than Hodgson, the problems are deep rooted and there would be the indelicacy of then asking him to step down in favour of an NESV appointment later - for NESV this would be potentially difficult in that the fans have already demonstrated the kind of reaction of selecting someone over an Anfield legend


I believe Henry and Werner will try to resist changing manager now but will definitely axe Hodgson in the summer in favour of a younger more dynamic successor which appears to be their way of thinking. Much depends on the next few matches and whether Hodgson can dig himself out of the s*** he has created. From our long term future point of view, as peverse as it seems, I'd rather see him remain in charge till then and avoid lurching from manager to manager inbetween times.


If NESV call it right, keep hold of the transfer budget for now, hope that Hodgson can limp on for a few months, then throw money and weight and the kitchen f***ing sink behind a guy like Deschamps and strengthening the squad when the quality is available - it isnt at the moment


As for the new stadium, it simply has to come, it has to be part of the future business plan if these guys are serious about their intent to grow the business, so I'm relaxed about that as well. I dont think we are in a G&H scenario with NESV, I think for the first time in living memory we are probably set for a spell of good management but we have to accept that this means that we wont get all we want when we want it



I choose to believe everything you write here.



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