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The Roy Hodgson Appreciation thread


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I'm trying to think of what we will call this new era of exemplary stewardship under our glorious leader, Roy "Frankly Awesome" Hodgson, in the years to come. The Fantastic Codger with the Awesome Todger years? The Croydon Magnificence? Roy's Rollicking Reign of Royal Righteousness? Not sure of any of those. What I do know though, is that I am really looking forward to the next 10 years of our saviour's reign. Long live the Hodge!

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He helped Liverpool move out of the Relegation zone earlier in the season.

He's helped us better understand what it means to be LMA manager of the year.



He's shown them up for the xenophobic, joke of an old boys club that they are.



Fulham finished the season in 12th place (where we are now) on 46 points (exactly what we are on course for) with 1 away win (etc etc). Only difference is their goal difference was minus 7 where ours is presently minus 2.



Manager of the year my a***.

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His work on the training ground won't bear fruit until at least March so he should be given time. He needs money to spend in January to bring in his own players as well.


He is a quality manager and we need to lay off him. We should support him through this bad spell.

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