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Started commuting more than I would like so finally decided to buy an e-reader.

Just a couple of things i'd be grateful if kindle/reader owners could answer.

Is Kindle the best available and is the 3g model worth the extra £40 if I plan to acquire books from 'other sources'? <wink> <wink>

Also how easy is it to transfer books from 'other sources'? <wink> <wink> onto the device?

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I've got the bog standard kindle, which is fine for me, as I just load the books I want at home. Mrs Bushymoustache has the 3G version to download books away from home,because loading enough in one go at home is clearly too difficult. The only need for the 3G version I can see is if you're going to be away from a wifi source for long periods on a regular basis. Not sure how the Kindle compares to other Ebooks, but I like its simplicity and the kindle store is pretty good, with plenty of free books available.

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Thats made my mind up, thanks. Read the web browser is crap and that'd be the only thing i'd probably use on the 3g.


It's not a full browser as such, just a list of a few text only preset websites.


So long as you have enough books preloaded, there's no need for the 3G version, which also has about a third of the battery life of the non 3G version.

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my wife has just got the nook colour and she loves it. books, magazines, web browser, music, games.

Wifi only but theres not too much of a problem. on the few occasions that there isn;t wifi coverage and she hasn;t downloaded the book she wants in advance (and she'll nearly always have loads downloaded) she can use the nook app on her phone to access her account.

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Yeah, I would never get a Kindle over say, a Sony e-reader, the restrictive practices Amazon have imposed on it are ridiculous - ability to remotely wipe your library if they see fit, only storing items bought from Amazon, etc.


This is a new development. Does that mean you can't put books acquired elsewhere on them?

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Fictionbooksbay and theebooksbay, by the way.


what format are the books in on there.


As I understand it, the kindle only reads its own proprietary kindle files, bought from amazon and .pdf


Thinking of getting a book reader but want one that will play many file types.



Just reading now that the kindle will also play .txt - .pdf and .lit are easily converted to .txt files...so typical downloaded content can be easily converted to a kindle format.


from here tech crunch

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Most books are on there in every possible format i.e. each torrent will have about 5 different versions of the book in it. Otherwise it can be pdf, txt or even doc. I tend to stick to .epub as some of the others have obviously been scanned in and are sometimes completely unreadable.


Just get a Sony, out of the box it reads everything except .lit and if you download Calibre (sort of e-reader itunes, in a good way) it will convert .lit files on the fly as you add them to your device.


I don't see the point of tieing youself down with a Kindle

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