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We're turning into Citeh fans

Duncan Disorderly

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I'm sure it was the after effexts of the demon drink that got the original poster in such a confused state.


Personally, I have no interest in watching a team managed by Hodgson. He is a charletain, he is a con artist and he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. He hasn't a clue about selection or tactics.


I will be out shopping with the wife tomorrow morning and I'll check the score when I get home.


There's no buzz anymore, as I approach every game assuming we'll play poorly and in the main I have not been proved wrong.

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I hate Hodgson. I don't rate him as a manager AT ALL, he's nowhere near the level required to run our club much less turn us around. Yet that's not his fault it's the fault of those who appointed him and I hate them as well for putting him in charge.


No, the reason I hate Hodgson is for the way he conducts himself, blaming everybody bar himself when things go wrong, for slagging off Rafa and slagging off the players in the press, for his self delusion which includes referring to and comparing himself with 'Bill', he really believes he's a modern day Shankly. As Knox said, he can't even visit a children's hospital without causing offence, he's not managed one press conference where he hasn't pissed somebody off, every time he opens his mouth he spouts propoganda designed to exonerate him from blame and build up his own self esteem, build up his perception he's a top flight manager, a perception fewer and fewer people share as his petty little world unravels. He's a delusional, conniving, back stabbing, manipulative, spiteful incompetent old c*nt, the incompetent bit I can just about swallow, I just think it's about time somebody put him straight before giving him his cards.


I don't think saying any of this makes me a moron so f*ck off Purslow!

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Run to the press hodgson, go on. Where's the hard work? Where's the effort? Where's the appeal to fans? Where's the praise for full houses who go to watch the sh*te you put on? Where's the appreciation for you not being set on fire?


C*nt c*nt c*nt c*nt.

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What's this crap with hating each manager that has the misfortune of running our shambolic attempt at football?


We have one decent but injured midfielder and one but disinterested striker and the manager is to blame for us being crap?


Get a grip!


I would like to beat you with the leg our of one good but injured midfielder.... excuse me... decent midfielder.


f*** off Purslow.


f*** off Hodgson.


I think we need to add "f*** off Duncan" to that.


... Where's the appreciation for you not being set on fire?


C*nt c*nt c*nt c*nt.



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