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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Merry Christmas


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Mulled wine at Christmas-time, gifts and tiffs and cheer,

Slumped in front of telly with a belly full of beer.

The turkey, stuffing, gravy and sprouts were thankfully a success,

It's time to send the kids outside, the kitchen is a mess.


We watch the Queen vent her spleen til 10 past 3,

Before the Wizard of Oz comes on, I need to do a pee.

Wrapping paper all around, play the XBox on my own,

The missus has spent the last two hours talking on the phone.


Switch on a Soap and watch Bob Hope fight it out with Viv,

How long's this rubbish on for? I've lost the will to live!

People come and people go, they talk and drink and scoff,

Half an hour til Harry Hill, I wish they'd bugger off!


Kids are in bed, a bottle of red, the Royle Family's on,

A day of thrills, stuffed to the gills, the in-laws are all gone.

Ready to boke, crack a joke, 364 days to go,

A leap year, extra day at work, oh me, oh my, OH NO!


What is it with these sugarplums, dancing round my head?

It's nearly one, the day is done, it's time to go to bed.

I think I've had too much to drink, probably why she's huffing?

Tomorrow is another day, more turkey, ham and stuffing.


Spending our pay, all for one day, thank God it's over at last!

New Year's Eve, I can't believe another year has passed!

So as you switch off the light and bid goodnight to people from your door,

Merry Christmas to all and have a ball and remember what it's for.


Happy Xmas to all of you, except OM. I finally got shot of that awful pencil drawing of Dennis Law, Bobby Charlton and Matt Busby that used to belong to my Da and parcelled it off to that manc scumbag!

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Happy chrimbo and to save the Romario, I suggest integrating the "what did you get for christmas?" thread


In my case.... 34 pairs of socks, two jumpers and a bobble-less bobble hat


Lego Guggenheim museum

Kenny's latest book

A Western Digital Media player

Morgan's spiced 1l

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13 yo son kicked off the day in a foul mood and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day.


I prepared a wonderful dinner and we have tons left over that I can't bear to look at.


I think I'll live on cheese and crackers for a few days.


f*** off Woy and all the c**** who are keeping you employed can f*** off as well.

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