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spread a little christmas cheer


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I got towed out of a bad spot on Tuesday night, stuck in the snow down in the Cotswolds. A complete stranger (a proper toff as well) going past in a little VW stopped and said he'd come back in ten minutes with a Land Rover dratog me out and up the hill. Sure enough he does exactly that. When he got me to the top of the slope and pulled over I thanked him and he said "well, you know, spirit of Christmas and all that b0[[0cks." Proper heart-warming it was.

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A tiny little hamlet called something like Dentismore Leer (or summart like that) near Circencester. Don't think it could a been your bro though Mike, he was retirement age or thereabouts. And proper posh.


he's in a similar place called laverton near broadway

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