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Diouf shooting his mouth off

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El-Hadji Diuof has reignited a war of words with former team-mate Jamie Carragher branding the Liverpool defender as 'nothing'.

The Blackburn Rovers forward was singled out by Carragher in the star's recent autobiography, saying ex-Anfield chief Gerard Houllier made a massive £10million mistake when he signed the Senegal star in 2002 over Nicolas Anelka.

Carragher wrote: 'In all my years at Anfield, I have never met a player who cared less about winning or losing.

'His name - along with that of Salif Diao - still makes even the toughest Liverpudlians shudder in fear.'

But furious Diouf hit back by launching a scathing attack on Carragher, who has been earmarked by the Football Association as a future international coach.

'Carragher is just a guy who loves to talk. Carragher, for me, is nothing,'

'If Liverpool had 10 players like Carragher, then they would never win anything.

'Hes like a make of ketchup or mustard to a normal person, not important. I played for Liverpool for two years and Carragher never spoke to me. Thats life, some people are like that.'

Diouf believes he was targeted by the 32-year-old defender because he was 'jealous' of the wages he was on when he arrived at Anfield eight years ago from Lens.

'When I played at Liverpool, Carragher could have talked to me then - but he didnt, ' he added.

'He was jealous of me - thats why he talked about me. Because when I came to Liverpool I earned more than him and I was a bigger name than him.

'We didnt have a team at Liverpool. We had the English somewhere and the French boys somewhere. If its like that, you can do nothing together.

'I took my country to the World Cup and to the finals of the African Nations Cup.

'So Carragher cant criticise me because, to me, he has done nothing with his life.

'But Carragher doesnt sell papers, Carragher doesnt sell shirts.'


Diouf was a surprise selection on the top 100 players in the world once submitted by footballing greats Pele and Diego Maradona and the Blackburn star insists their praise puts Carragher's criticism to shame.

He said: 'Im not going to listen to what Carragher says.

'I listen to the big men, the greats of football. Both said very good things about me.'


(The last paragraph send shivers through my spine - Top 100 players by Viagra Man and Coke Charlie!)

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