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A P Mccoy


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fair play to McCoy. i can see why Taylor was in the top 3, 15 times world champion is a hell of an effort, and when you consider the people who won it in the past, i think he deserves the recognition

Dont get me wrong, he definitely deserves recognition, just not in the context of sport. That I have a big problem with, especially when you consider David Haye did not even get a top3 spot.

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He dont deserve one, he's done nothing this year, beat a done John Ruiz and a bum. Khan had a far better boxing year.


Haye wasn't even one of the top 3 British boxers this year. He deserved recognition for beating Mormeck or Valuev but not this year.

Jessica Ennis didn't really deserve it either, if Kluft had competed she would have won the hepthathlon. Cavendish deserved some recognition as did the number one golfer in the world.

And Beckham for lifetime achievement is laughable.

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Brilliant for McCoy.

that ride he gave Wichita Lineman is one of the greats.

Mark cavendish. Proper top of his game. And he is banging a cracker now, good on him.

This isn't about the person who invented the crisps is it?

No, it's about f***ing.

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Phil Taylor should have won the life time award ahead of golden balls


It is a f***ing farce of an awar anyway that. The first winner was Frank Bruno. Frank f***ing Bruno!


After that, it just reads like an A-Z of Manchester United with the odd worthy thrown in.


Seve Ballesteros has won it twice - how the f*** can you win the same Lifetime Achievement award twice?

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