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Captain Beefheart


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II first saw the Magic band at the Bickershaw Festival in 1972. My mate was completely unconvinced by the Captain before the set, and a complete fan ever since.


I've been listening to tracks off all his albums this morning - Moonlight on Vermont, Giime Dat Harp Boy, the whole of Decals. It's such a shame.

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ostrich man is bored at work and wants an argument.

not really....to say rock music has produced only one genius and to say its captain beefheart is f***ing nonsense....fair enough Peel idolised him...doesnt mean he isnt talking a load of balls though.


As to who the geniuses rock music has produced....thats obviously very subjective...sure youd get some people saying Beefheart wasnt rock music anyway.


Des...Unconditionally Guaranteed :)


Manc tw ats aren't allowed to listen to Beefheart anyway.

shows what little you know...didnt you know he was a big influence on Oasis?

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you mean you didnt know Beefheart was a big influence on Oasis?


You should read the Sunday Mirror then....thats where I picked up that nugget yesterday.





I know Noel Gallagher said he liked Beefheart. I imagine it's stuff like Safe As Milk he likes rather than Trout Mask or Decals.


This is a great excuse to just post stonking Beefy tunes, like.



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