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Insurance Claim Help & Techie Help needed


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I had a flood in the office. Fixture's are being paid out for by Loss Adjuster - no dispute - obvious damage - but i'm having to claim for damage to computer equipment via my own insurance company. Loss Adjuster says they only pay out directly for Fixtures & Fittings not contents, and that i should contact my own insurance company for that. I'm liable for the excess, and there after my insurance firm will choose to pursue the losses against the other insurance company... or not, if they deem it's not worthy. So I may not even get my excess back.


I've never made an insurance claim so not sure if that is correct. Can anyone advise? Surely the other insurance firm should definitely pay out?

Also, will this not put my premium up next year when it wasn't even my fault?


My insurers don't seem that bothered. They just said, get 2 quotes for the replacement equipment, and they will pay out for the cheapest of the two options, and they want an engineer's report for the damaged equipment. Do any of the forum techie's have a sample template they could give me? I need to write up a report for a damaged server.... I have no idea what to do.


Much thanks.

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It depends on what your office property policy covered you for. You need to go back and check the original wording to see if it just covered the fabric of the building but not the contents. If it did not cover the contents, specifically computer equipment, then you may be f***ed.


It isn't clear what you mean by your 'own insurance company'. Does this mean your household policy, as opposed to your business policy?


Your premiums may go up as you've made a claim. Fault has little to do with it in these circumstances.


Not sure what to advise on writing an engineers report...

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