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can we make it a hat trick of cancelled events? that's the question on everyone's lips


well as previously stated, 'no Molby, no party', so here is your chance to confirm your attendance, straight after Fulham, i.e. 8.30, commencing at the Officers Mess, Victoria ST, by North John Street and then moving on


failure to impress me with a suitable list of attendees and the required level of enthusiasm will result in my using the evening to nail down some other project I've been working on


I know right from wrong. I know it's mates before birds, so don't make me do this



I have spoken

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im going to watch thingymajig at the arena remember its jr's birthday, i forgot...be about later though


s*** pub to end on btw.


the order of events is up to change, as are last minute additions


Black shoes and trousers, white shirt and red tie do ?



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