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Hoping you can help out here - I need to plan ~ 3 days worth of Norn Iron style luxury for someone who'll be spending the bulk of their time in Belfast and County Down. Given that I haven't been home much in the past 10 years I'm a bit out of date with the changing times. I hope my favourite restaurant - The Bethany chipshop on the Newtownards Road is still there, but it won't be on this agenda. Where do you put someone for 3 nights, and what are the best restaurants within, say, a 40 mile radius of Belfast City Centre? I was thinking of using the Culloden as base hotel. Foodwise, someone recommended Balloo House to me, someone else recommended Cayenne. Any other alternative hotel or restaurant tips? Anything especially good on the Ards Peninsula or Mourne Country?



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Ten Square is apparently a nice boutique hotel. Right across from City Hall. Food is nice in restaurant and it's a decent enough bar.


Malmaison is a nice spot too.


Merchant Hotel is supposed to be the nicest hotel in Belfast. Probably at the hight end of the bracker in terms of rates.

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Yeah if you can afford the Merchant that would certainly be brownie pointastic...the Culloden has always got a good name and reputation.


The mourne seafood bar (beside Kells Cellars)has a great reputation if you like eating muck from the sea, people I know love it....same with Tedfords(beside laganside bus station)


Aldens up the Newtownards Rd is well worth going into the heartland of loyalism for.

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Cheers for the replies, I'll check all those out. My longstanding East Belfast UDA connections should keep me safe on the N'Ards road!


One more question - are Belfast city center and the golden mile likely to be totally dead during the week after Xmas?

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Andrew - Check out the Ulster Flying Club at Newtownards. They do reasonable packages from 30 minutes toots to around an hour to take in the Mournes - check thyeir web site. I'm with them this Sunday so if your interested I'll let you know how it goes.


Merchant is top drawer - they don't take Tesco vouchers. Cafe Vaudville in City Centre is a nice spot too. Take them to the Morning Star for a pint, pie & pickled egg. Longs chippy in Durham Street.


How about a trip into tyhe House on the Hill; I'm sure your mate Simon Hamilton would arrange :cool:

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Went on that flight yesterday. A beautiful crisp & clear day; down to Portaferry direction. Accommodates three passengers for £90 in total. I was in the co-pilots seat and you get to 'fly' thr plane. I did a great job of trimming out'.


Indulgent, yes, but great craic. You could grab a bite to eat in Daft Eddys afterwards. There are more expensive options out over the Mournes or up to the Giant's Causeway.

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