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Angry Birds

Rex Ham

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Christ Almighty is this game addictive. Not normally that fussed about games etc, but I cant stop playing this f**in thing. Its driving me nuts.


Playing the Halloween one currently, half way through it and starting to struggle. Not good for your blood pressure this thing, surely.

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they have an advent calendar (christmas themed update) for the Halloween one.


I'm currently trying for 3 stars on all levels in the iPhone one -that's a bitch and a half.


Have 185/189 on the Poached Eggs one.

That Christmas Themed one is actually quite difficult - damned addictive though

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So the Angry Birds Halloween one, finished the three levels but it stil says 77 \ 135 - to complete it you have to do all levels with three stars?


F**k that for a game of soldiers.

Some of them take the p*ss, there's surely no way to do it better than I currently am.


I'm glad there was no-one else in the bogs in work when I ended up whispering exasperatedly "what the hell do you want from me?" at the bloody thing.

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