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Ucas and personal statements


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I don't understand the question.

You're asking how many lines, then telling us there are 20?


My guess is "How many lines/words do I have to write for a personal statement? I currently have only 20 lines written, is this enough?"


And blow me up with a load of semtex.....there is loads of information about it on the UCAS website, all through the power of a google search for UCAS personal statement



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Dear UCAS,

I don't want to miss my chance of three years of Beer and sleeping this mid afternoon, despite the 40+k of debt I'll have when I finish. If you f*** this up for me I'll hunt you down and kill you like a dog.

Yours ever

Steve Zizou.

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Most uni's get more applicants than places surely?

Varies massively.

Suggested grades for my course was ABB. I know of some who got in with CCD.

In that sitution if you got ABB the personal statement is worthless really.


But if you're applying to a competitive Uni/Course its very important.

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4000 characters,

have a 40 30 30 spread

why do you want to study the course

what are you studying now

other interests


Link to the skills and qualities needed for course, ensure this occurs via reading the EP (Entry Profile) for the course

Get it done now, your school/college will be shutting up shop at end of next week and your reference will take some time to be collated and written up. UCAS deadline is 15th Jan but people working on your behalf need time

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Oxford University rates them highly


They like you to think they do. In reality your stereotypical boffin with an average personal statement but with A*'s across the board from GCSE through to A Level is far more likely to get the place over the 'well rounded' applicant with a very good PS even though they have the required grades for the course.

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