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Elvis Costello


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Costello has been constantly creative, the Very Best Of... double CD is immaculate and packed full of classics; imho, 'Shipbuilding' is his masterpiece for all sorts of reasons.


Loved XTC from the very start, from 'This Is Pop', the opening track of their first album. I know that they (or at least Andy Partridge) still operate in an alternative productive channel, admirably so. Can still be found yeling to Peter Pumpkinhead on my iPod in the car -'...but he made too many enemies of the people who would keep us on our knees, pray for Peter Pumpkin, pray for Peter Pumpkinhead'. See, I'm doing it now.

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Like some of the records mentioned already - almost blue, this years model, my aim is true - but while he's plainly a very good song writer I could never 'connect' with him, whatever that means. There is a an emotional coldness which I can't get past. I'm probably a little biased too. I met him a couple of times in the early 80s and thought he was an arrogant, pompous prick. Having said that he was drinking an awful lot at that time, and a couple of people who I know and respect, say he a very good guy.



XTC are all craft and nothing else. Listened to them a bit in the 80s but it wouldn't matter if I never heard them again.

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Those 3 albums are anything but cold imo, he is laying himself quite bare.



I get what you mean but he just never quite did it for me. There is no real logical reason. He's someone I should adore. I just don't.


An old girlfriend used to say that she didn't know a single woman who related to him in the way that the blokes she knew did. She reckoned it was down to an underlying misogyny in a lot of his lyrics.




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God give me strength is magnificent.


Wonderful song, partly wish they left it at that, some of the rest of it descended at into an uninspired 50s Americana homage thing, almost like what started as aiming way above that ended with Costello bowing to Hal David. Still a nice listen though. I think Costello is too smart for his own good.


“It’s easy to theorize songs for people, but they don’t always work out. For instance, I wrote ‘Why Can’t a Man Stand Alone’ for Sam Moore, but he didn’t take it. Now when I think about it, the song has too many words. Sometimes lyrics can get in the way of expression.” — Chicago Sun-Times, December 6, 2009

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He has wrote some of the best pop songs of the lat 30 years (well not so many over the last 10 years) and to my mind has one of the best rock/pop voices Ive ever heard.


Always mean to check out XTC myself.

its his voice that has always hindered me from getting into him funnily enough...does nothing for me at all.


Same with you on XTC..what Ive heard Ive liked but never went out of my way to get any of their stuff...I had a Dukes of Stratosphear tape a mate did for me years ago with 25 O'Clock and psonic psunspot on it and liked it, then lost it and never got the cds...I should actually get them cause from what I remember they were very good.

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