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Anyone know much about Mifi?


Going to the USA for a few months soon and my mate told me about getting a mifi device when I'm over there to use with my iPhone.


I've frozen my iPhone contract so was going to get a PAYG sim in the orange shop, and stick some money on it before i go. It'll be dear to text from the States but just want to be able to send the odd text to my family etc.


My mate though, says I should also get mifi over there to use with the phone. Virgin Mobile seems to do PAYG mifi so I can just top up the sim as I go along.


Good idea?


Seems to be around $100 for the mifi router thingy.

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any update on this Swipe? i have been F5ing this all day and nothing.




The forum has voted with their feet on this one.


Verizon are the carrier here in the US, and Data Rates are not worth the cost for the kind of thing you want.




Every Starbucks, and McDonalds, and most small corner coffee stores have free wifi. All it is is portable Wifi.


So won't be able to text with it from what I can see.


Hmmm - just thought it'd be handy for google maps etc when I'm on the go..


Will just use my phone to text.

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