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Carl Froch


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Stunning display to regain his wbc super middleweight world title, went to town on Arthur Abraham for 12 rounds. Semi final v glen Johnson next up.


Shame his promoter can't do a better job for him, he is one of the best British fighters out there.

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glad that froch beat him, as abraham was an a*** beforehand


What did he say/do? All I heaqrd was him saying it would be a tough firght but that he'd win and that Froch would then be looking at retirement.


Don't really know much about Abraham, other than that the night he won his title he had his jaw broken in two places and lost a litre of blood! Sounds like tough little b*****d.

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Any win in the Super Six is a very good one. Froch had an epic win against Taylor (even if he was outclassed for a lot of it) and this was even better. I think the reasons he doesn't get recognised as he should are firstly his promoter, and secondly trying to make his name in the shadow of Calzaghe for so long.


I used to think he was a bit of a dick for calling Calzaghe out all the time, because I didn't think he'd done enough to be talking that way. If he was where he is now back then fair enough he'd have merited a shot at him; but by the time he'd beaten Pascal, Calzaghe was taking his last few big money fights.

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