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I run an exchange server that is up and running.


I can access OWA without any issues, but I can't log into email accounts in Outlook (as of today). They time out.


When I ping the server it fails and when I do a traceroute the results are as follows. Is the issue with my ISP? I think it is, I have logged a call with them and am waiting for a reply.



TraceRoute to 144.136.187.** [cpe-144-136-187-**.sa.bigpond.net.au]


Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name


1 41 58 43 -


2 169 127 153 xe-5-3-0.edge3.dallas1.level3.net


3 99 32 74 ae-73-70.ebr3.dallas1.level3.net


4 29 25 69 ae-3-.ebr2.losangeles1.level3.net


5 88 59 65 ae-4-90.edge1.losangeles6.level3.net


6 97 118 153 reach-level3-xe.losangeles.level3.net


7 167 191 212 i-0-5-1-0.tlot-core01.bi.reach.com


8 117 136 279 i-4-1-0.sydp-core02.bx.reach.com


9 234 311 326 tengige0-2-0-7.pad-gw2.sydney.telstra.net


10 249 290 265 bundle-ether3.ken-core4.sydney.telstra.net


11 221 244 239 bundle-pos3.win-core1.melbourne.telstra.net


12 326 274 296 pos0-0-0-0.fli-core1.adelaide.telstra.net


13 307 321 314 bundle-ether1.fli8.adelaide.telstra.net


14 273 246 237 bundle-ether1.fli8.adelaide.telstra.net


15 Timed out Timed out Timed out -


16 220 Timed out Timed out te8-1.wxcz-s-1.way.bigpond.net.au


17 238 242 221 te8-1.wxcz-s-1.way.bigpond.net.au


18 Timed out Timed out 275 gi0-2.oycz1.fli.bigpond.net.au


19 Timed out Timed out Timed out -


20 Timed out Timed out Timed out -



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yeah how does that work? surely if it was an ISP issue you couldnt access OWA or outlook?


reboot the f*****.


I have rebooted, and the modem and the router.


The errors in outlook and Entourage (both Mac) are timeouts.


I think Nathans option leave it to my ISP is all I can do for now,

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if its sbs 2003, i'm assuming the server is local to an office . Are you trying to connect locally or remotely? Is it just you or all mailboxes?


its all mailboxes.


The server is in my home (office), I have a shop and I cant connect to it (in Outlook) from there.

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Have you checked the logs on your home router to see if the outlook connection is making it to your router? Is your router/firewall blocking th traffic, possible that port forwarding to the machine from the router (this assumes you have more than one machine on your home network), is upnp switched on, although i am not sure if Exchange uses it.

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Check if the pc your using trusts the website cert. If OWA is working its not your ISP, and unlikely to be your router if port 80 & port 443 are being forwarded. Also check settings in Tools Accounts more settings connection. Make sure connect using https is enabled

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