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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Next up.....Tottingham away

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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A win would put us right in the mixing pot (somehow) however the word 'away' puts the skids under that. Spuds are an odd-bunch - capable of looking excellent and also capable of conceding any-number of goals.


A draw would be a good result; a magnificent one if CFP starts


I think they'll score 4 against us so unless Torres has a blinder I think we will get beat.

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Modric and Van Der Vaart are gonna run rings round poulsen if he plays.. Only positive.. Johnson seems to be playing well in the one game he has been back.. Maybe he will be able to deal with Bale. (I think he could match him for pace)


It seems that when you get at spurs early they crumble a bit.. going down heavily to Inter and bolton and arsenal and young boys(before staging a comeback).. maybe rednapp can't mentally set them up early on in games.. i dunno.. but I cant see roy telling the players to go for it early on..


A draw would be a fantastic result.

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My worry is that Redknapp makes no secret of his desire to play attacking football. Hodgson has made no secret with his tactics that he is defensive.


This is my concern, our set up will be extra defensive to try counter this, Torres may well as bring a picnic and a newspaper, nobody is gonna trouble or disturb him in his area of the pitch, except maybe some friendly fire missiles.

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The fact they have a CL game mid week could be our saving grace here as they are usually pretty gash in their next league game - having said that if we get a draw I'd be made up! :unsure:


Oh and some little g******* spurs supporter I know seems to think the Spurs massive may be brewing for some trouble with our fans - no idea if its true but thought I would pass it on

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