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Poll on the Manager



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  1. 1. Should Roy Hodgson be sacked immediately?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Undecided

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Based on Kev's recommendation we are running this poll and we would really appreciate those who who visit other forums, to request the identical poll there. We suggest the poll runs until Friday 5:00pm (GMT) and we publish the combined results at 6:00pm. We're happy to pass our results to another forum to publish or alternatively we'll take responsibility; we just want maximum cooperation on this to ensure that all the right people get the right message.


Anyone who want to take this off line, please email me at peter@ynwa.tv.

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Pass the combined forum results on to Patrick barclay, show him how 'divided' the fans are.

i hope that's the idea behind this. polling the half dozen biggest LFC sites would give a pretty hefty sample and not be open to abuse by fans of other clubs in theory.

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David Hodgson?


Anyway, I think the person who voted 'No' needs to be banned instantly and eternally.

Doesn't matter, if you go to the ECHO and say 'in an online survey of 10000 100% wanted to get rid of Hodgson' they might be a bit suss. If you say 98.65% wanted rid it's no less damning aand is possibly more credible.

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