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Great Moments In History with Roy Hodgson


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"When a great iconic landmark like the Liverbirds are looking to leave their city, Manchester will be in a position to target a lot of icons from around the world," Hodgson said. "I don't think the Liverbirds will be the only things they target, and I don't think that we will be the only city that will be worried their heritage can be targeted.


"I am not naive to believe there won't be any danger and we will never lose the Liverbirds, I understand these things can happen. I don't believe we will lose them, we will do our best to ensure they stay, and I only hope I can do everything in my power to help them return to the very top of their buildings. I certainly hope they will come back very quickly, we want to get them back to the level we know they can achieve as quickly as possible.

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Like everyone else, I'll always remember where I was that day, I was doing some one-to-one coaching with a promising young kid called Christian Poulsen.


"Backen...und to the siden...backen...und to the siden..."


We laugh about it now, but then he cries. He must have bloody loved that President.

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