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Lost iphone at Stoke - row 29 seat 949


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To cap a miserable visit to the Britannia I also lost my iphone in the stands. I was on row 29 seat 949, so if anyone has found it I am willing to pay a finders fee to get it back. Reply to this post or call me on 01260 280655 if you have it.


Thanking you in anticipation!


Les Jackson

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Anyway chat later - I'm just off to go insure my belt against theft and natural causes.


stipulate that you could pee on it between the gap between the toilet bowl and seat while youre on to them, given Eskimos post they will have a disclaimer in there no doubt.


edit - go to the rant room if you need/want to know more

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That's tough luck mate.


On the flip side I was leaving the ground and someone was selling an iPhone for a tenner, so I picked it up and now have my very own!


Sent from my iPhone


:lol: :lol:


By the way, unless you are Steve Jobs, if you have a "Sent from my iPhone" signature on your emails then you should be slapped.

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