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Abject 11


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It's been a while and the Sevilla "interest" in CFP has prompted me.


Abject 11 thread. Played/regular first team squad members but never quite got it right - actually were dire. CFP/Paul Stewart dire. 11 (plus subs) please


The manager of this team will be Roy Hodgson. And person opinion is that CFP is likely to be in the middle.

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Kvarme Piechnik Tanner CLWTraore


Stewart Poulson Diao Carter


Cisse Diouf



probably should have Sean Dundee in there but for the money/hype to reality ratio Cisse & Diouf have it

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Degen had a few decent games and did alright a couple of times in midfield. Josemi had a good debut and then stank the place out every game after.


and Kvarme was total schite and topped it off by getting buttf*cked in the derby by Danny Cadematri

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