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I think we should have the option to colour code posts to reflect the 'tone' of our comments, so that people don't get confused as to subtexts, or feel the need to use smilies.


I suggest :


Red : I'm angry and dislike you and this post.

Green : Whether or not I agree with you, I post this is in the context of mutual respect and to further the debate at hand.



Blue : I've been drinking or have a hangover (and therefore am in a nark) and therefore you can't later hold this post against me.

Mauve : I'm gently teasing

Turquoise : I'm gently teasing, but I don't really like you anyway, but you know that, so be grateful I'm being restrained.

Magenta : I am clearly mocking you, and others, and openly showing no respect.



Pink - I really like you and your opinions and would like to meet up with you in real life.


Where's our brown option for your posts DH ? :thumbs:

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there used to be a poster with mutliple identities who would slip up from time ti time and reply to his own posts, with things like "thanks for that mate, interesting stuff". I obviously knew that wasn't what Swipe was doing, it just reminded me of it and made me smile. picked Chili almost at random. jeez.


second time I've taken a gentle, er, swipe at Swipe recently, and he doesn't seem to like it. imagine how Allardyce must feel.

You do realise that a 'John' twitter account could be the price you pay for all this :)

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You said that in a pink way, so I forgive you.


Btw, Lee, are you the Lee I met in Napolee, Lee ? The chap with Roegahn ?




It's all shades o grey kidda. Shades o grey.


Nah I met you at one of the GH charity do's years ago with RP and Mike. You were poncing Marly Lights off me all night ;)

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