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Is 30 the new 28?


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Given that socially, people look at 40 as the new 30, people peaking later in life, etc etc. the benefits players get (better pitches, safer on the pitch, less pressure off it, extra assistance physically and medically) should we now expect players to be playing longer. You can see that with some of those that look after themselves, Scholes, Giggs, Van der saar, Gallas, Pirlo, Seedorf, Del Piero, Inzaghi etc.


I just wonder if Gerrard is now in his prime or has he passed it for example? I certainly expect him at the top of his game for at least another 2 seasons after this one before the drop in performance starts to happen.

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Not fueling on s*** food and booze, rotation and treating injury with due respect should add years on to players. Motivation is the key thing, there will be an inevitable physical drop, but experience should take this over, especially for players who are not all about the physical.


Granted he is currently injured, first long one in years, but I think Lampard has just had his two best years and is a better player now at 32 than he was four years back. Drogba has also improved in that time and age period.

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