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The time to give Roy some credit thread didn't work


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So here is a 'get the f*** off Roy's back' thread


I don't want him here, but he is here and for the last two weeks has done a pretty ok job, not the best on the pitch at all times but getting results. Now people are demanding 6pts from our next two games or he's s***.


Hang on, give him a f***ing chance now, we have turned a corner, the football is better, the post match is 'better' and most importantly the results are better.


We might be Liverpool but nobody else in the league has the divine right ot expect 3pts off every side below them in the table and we never expected it under Rafa. I don't rcall us getting much at Stoke over the last few seasons and Wigan are totally unpredictable and battered Chelsea at home one season.


Lets ALL get behind the manager and hope that we start to see more of the good performances on a regular basis and if we draw a few or even, god forbid, lose a couple as long as we are moving up the table then give Roy some slack.


Some of the stuff I've read today after a victory over Chelsea, a victory that less than a fifth of the forum expected, is a disgrace.


Give the man a f***ing go, eh.

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