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I don't see how it can be practical - the league means everyone plays each other home and away, and you have the right to your home advantage, and every other team has the right to theirs - you can't play one of the fixtures out of the country and remain fair.


Equally, you can't introduce a 39th game where one team could be drawn against Chelsea while another have to play Wolves. That f***s the purity of the competition. You play everyone twice, end of.

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As we are one of the few premier league sides that would fill nearly any stadium nearly anywhere in the world we should be supporting a 39th game or similar.


No we shoudln't You don't f*** with the game. 39 game league is the start of a road that leads to 4 quarters to allow ad breaks and bannign draws and bigger goals and cheerleaders.


I could live with cheerleaders.

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