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How long do you think Stevie G can play on for?


He is 30, had injury problems (groin, a recurring & debilitating injury) all last season but played through them and is back to his best. He is athletic, fast, great range of passing in fact he is the ultimate footballer in that he can play anywhere on the pitch except goal and be the best player in that position.


So allowing for the odd injury and the huge effort he puts in to game after game where he will stretch every sinew to chase a lost cause because that's how he plays the game - how long can he continue to be at this level?


I think he is so good, he can go on until his late 30s probably by dropping deeper where he could still run a game with his passing ability.

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I'd sell him and buy a novelty bin that played "Shine on your Crazy Diamond" everytime you put something in it. Hodgson would play it wide right.


You couldn't pop into the club for an interview this afternoon could you?


Just ask for Damien at reception.

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he's having a f***ing blinder today, playing really smart. am glad lampard isn't there to press the space but it's the sort of game i've always thought gerrard doesn't have in his locker. really disciplined and intelligent. hopefully he keeps it up second half here.

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Redknapp was right (shock, horror). Gerrard controlled the game in the first half, and throughout the game his passing was just sublime. It was almost like watching Alonso at times such was his accuracy going ling or short.


He'll lose mobility gradually, but he can still have a huge influence for another 5 years

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