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so tonights starting line up....

floyd the barber

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so lets just for a a second ignore Gerrard we know how good he is and what he gives us, but the starting line up.....how many deserve to wear the shirt? did any actually impress.....there are some who have started a few times this season that im just not sure about anyway....


ohh lets also take Reina out of the picture......




glen johnson - im with many on here what id like to see him tried at right mid, for as a right back...he is horrible, terrible with positional play and constantly makes the wrong decision..

konchesky - woefully out of his depth...

the greek - i like the greek...but does he stand out as he is an average player in a shocking defence?? i kinda have to look at it that way

Carra - gets stuck in...but is past his prime.....should have been phased out last season...love the guy, but he shouldnt be anywhere near a red shirt at present

spearing - gotta give him credit , i thought he was our best player tonight..(apart frpom the obvious) wa sone who really looked to be giving it his all, got stuck in...full of energy and played some decent passes

jovonovic - ummmm doest seem to have any pace...hardly ever beats his man...shouldnt be wearing our shirt

meireles - strange one this.. i really,really want to like him....he looks the part but so far hasnt really shown much, he cetainly has the quality

poulson - fking useless..

shelvey - all potential with him..starting him right hand side wasnt doing him any favours as i feel its one of the hardest positons on the pitch...espeically when your young and have hardly played

ngog - an ok striker...never gonna be top level...shouldnt be anywhere near a red shirt



honestly that was probably the weakest first 11 ive seen us play in years....so much crap in that first half!!(and pretty all the 2nd ) Henry has a massive job on his hands to clear out so much deadwood...



Also hodgson on the touchline...jeeez he really is a joke, a pub manager who got lucky in the game.......we need him out as soon as possible.


After watching ac milan - real madrid last night...a real true quality game of football...with proper movement and class...it makes me sad to look at the above team and see how far we have fallen...


sorry for the rant....just fking sick of seeing such s**** week in - week out...


And yes of course im happy F.C Gerrard won.................................................

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