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Snake on a plane

Rory Fitzgerald

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Masturbating on a plane



AER LINGUS is in the process of making a formal complaint to gardaí following an incident in which high-profile radio presenter Neil Prendeville exposed himself in public view on a flight between London and Cork.



Mr Prendeville, 49, who presents Cork’s 96FM flagship daily morning show, was a passenger on Aer Lingus flight EI725 scheduled to leave at 10.15pm from London Heathrow to Cork on October 19 last.


As the jet taxied for take-off Mr Prendeville was seen to expose himself and masturbate as he sat in his seat. Mr Prendeville was seated in the front row of the aircraft facing two air hostesses. He was flanked by a female passenger to his right in a window seat and a male passenger to his left in an aisle seat.


When the aircraft was in the air an air hostess intervened and spoke with Mr Prendeville and the two passengers. Reports on the incident have been compiled by the crew of the Aer Lingus flight. These reports are in the possession of the airline’s head of security Mark Dunphy and form the basis of the airline’s investigation.


Yesterday, Mr Dunphy contacted the female passenger and told her that Aer Lingus has concluded its investigation. He said the airline would be making a formal complaint to gardaí.


Since the incident Mr Prendeville left a voice message on the telephone of the young woman who was sitting beside him, in which he said: "I just wanted to apologise to you for any offence that I might have caused you." He said he had no recollection of the incident and that when he was told about it he was "shocked and horrified". "I have no recollection whatsoever. I’m in shock, you know, I really am. I took some Nurofen Plus alright, I know that, for my neck. And as you know, with me anyway there was pints and wine and stuff and Jesus I don’t know where I’d begin to make it up to you," he said on the voicemail.


Prior to the incident Mr Prendeville had spent the day in London as a guest of the Cork Convention Bureau. Cork Lord Mayor Michael O’Connell, Cork county mayor Jim Daly and Cork Convention Bureau (CCB) chairman Seamus Heaney led the delegation.


Mr Prendeville was one of a number of guests of the CCB who were entertained, prior to the flight, at celebrity chef Richard Corrigan’s Bentley’s Restaurant.


Mr Prendeville’s show is the most listened-to talk show on local radio in Ireland with almost 100,000 listeners each day.


Mr Prendeville declined several attempts to comment when contacted by an Irish Examiner reporter last night.



Article written by Prendeville 2 yrs previous to incident


The long road to the kingdom


The fitness of the Kerry footballers has always been marvelled at and I had first hand opportunity to marvel at it myself last Sunday as I returned by train from Dublin to Cork.


A bunch of players with their WAG's in tow had clearly missed their team train (well you would too if you were drinking till 7am) so when they woke it was a mad scramble for a train, any train, to get them back to their beloved kingdom.


I first saw the gang horsing into bags of Supermacs at the train station while the rest of us queued, they were then escorted past the waiting crowds on to first class and into seats before the rest of us plebs were allowed to board.


The fact that the Kerry players and WAGS had no reservations, had missed their own train and tried to nab everyone else's seats was purely coincidental. This turned out to be one of the roughest train rides I have ever endured (and it had nothing to do with the driver!)


The train attendant was Eastern European and didn't know how to handle this superstar Kerry gang so he gently asked them to sit only in seats that had not be reserved by others and although they were sad to have the party broken up they did move on to the arm rests of their buddies.


Sadly for me I was left in the throes of a post semi-final Kerry party with a bunch of lads and lassies that were still pickled with drink. They deserved their moment of glory because that's as good as it is going to get for them! However I wanted to be in their company even less than they wanted to be mine.


But the train was packed so I wasn't moving, I am no shrinking violet myself but their language peppered with the F word and worse still the C word was too much for even my well seasoned sensitivities. I pitied some of the elderly people around us.


It would appear that this bunch of victorious Kerry players and Co had gone on an almighty session following their victory over Galway, "the night was pure craic, absolutely mintil" as one hung over damsel put it as she tucked into her can of Heineken. What amazed me about the two hour trip was the fact that they actually behaved like they were the only ones on the train, it was like nobody else was there.


They shouted, swore, drank, all the way to Mallow while planning where the next session would be that afternoon, Killarney or Tralee ?. When they rolled off the train in Mallow they left a bewildered carriage, mounds of beer and cider cans, half eaten food, chocolate, a forest of newspapers, and a box of Nurofen… And an Eastern European attendant left to clean up the mess.


The Cork footballers will have some jobs against these lads , who can party night and day, hold down day jobs and still win All Irelands, can you imagine what they'd be like if they stuck to the rules!



---> No mention of the lads or lassies from Kerry whipping the bits out after a few cans and Nurofen then, no ? ;)

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