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The Event

Andy @ Allerton

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Why do you like it? It's been average so far...only thing really going for it right now is that it is a quick mover in the story, but the story is a tad generic at present.





I think it's quite quirky. The back and forward nature of it is interesting - be interesting if that actually had more of an effect than just a plot device (Time isn't linear etc.)


Also - it apepars to be an 'onion' story. Obviously you've got the basic premise - which is a load of aliens crash-land, get taken prisoner, some of their mates are a bit miffed about it but a new thinking president decides to go public leading to him nearly getting bumped off by his own people.


But I've a feeling that there is a lot more going on than appears on the surface. If the above is the beginning and the end of the plot, I'll agree it's quite limited - but the aliens killed the bloke that was going to spill the beans - plus the crypic thing on the last episode when the woman leader said they were only still alive because the humans didn't know why they were there says to me there is a lot more to reveal and a lot of mileage in it.. Plus there are lots of opportunities for twists and turns and interesting plot devices. Also find it interesting that the people in it are more 'real' than you'd usually find - they can be hurt, damaged and written out is the feeling I'm getting - so not as 'stable' as some series you might see. I get the feeling the writers will be more than happy to bump off a major(ish) character if it fits the plot.. Obviously though, there are already 5 or 6 main leads that the story will revolve around..


I could be wrong, however :)




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that's why it's good :blink:


I like it, TBH - not sure why, but then I probably haven't seen all the other series it's similar to (?)


Sounds like it's the sort of thing gets cancelled before it reaches the conclusion, though


Hopefully they won't do a 'Lost' and extend the story pointlessly across several series when they can finish it off in 1 or 2 seasons.

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Liking it so far, watched the first 5 at the min, ratings seem to dropped quite a bit from the pilot but if it can keep it steady it should be ok, would be s**** if it did a flashforward and just one season with a cliffhanger rushed ending.

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