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A new low in a recent history of many lows in football boot design

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Footballers should only have a choice of addidas world cups/ kaizers, Nike tempio classics, puma kings or umbro specialis. No need for owt else. That being said the best pair of boots ive ever had were a White pair of mizuno wave that I got off pro direct for £20. I looked like a dick but f*** me was I comfy and not a drop of water could get into them.

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All those older classics are great, loads of pros still wear Copa Mondials.


I am well into the new Adidias Adipure TRX FG. I got mine in white trim, not yellow and it has a gorgeous leather upper that gives a great feel for the ball.


That Nike one is for a pimp like C Ronaldo or the 1000 wannabes around. A great c*** indicator, I think we'll find.

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