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Belle and Sebastian


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I've heard a couple of tracks on it - same old same old really. I like em but they've never been a band that I really rate as top drawer, good but not fantastic. It's like they are more to be pitied than loved. I like Stuart Murdoch as an individual though - comes across as being one of the few decent peeps out there in the realms of pop.

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Please find an update in the link below regarding members' queries about the Season Ticket Waiting List.




Spirit Of Shankly



There has been a lot of talk of Utopia lately but as a fan this is surely it. I've spent days of my life on the phone in the past. To get Deportivo tickets (and thus eventually to Istanbul) I had to spend 45 mins in work on the phone. To leave all that hassle behind would be bliss.

My mate Steve has got a playlist on his ipod called 'fey', this lot feature quite regularly.


Not sure how I quoted that stuff there.

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Say them at Latitude in the summer, really good. New album is more of the same, if you like them, you'll like it if don't you'll hate it. It's no If you're feeling sininster or Boy with the Arab strap though.

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