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Fecking Jetlag


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Arrived back in Dublin on Monday for a few days and still on Asian time. I've been waking up at 2am every day and cannot get back to sleep. Any one got a solution? Booze and a couple of smokes are not an option just now. Well booze is never an option but....



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No quick fix in my experience, just force yourself to stay up as late as you can which will push you later into the morning. Takes a few days though.

1 day for each hour over 3 timezones you travelled....


Stay up late as poss and spend time outside during the day.... Going west is easier than east in my experience

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starve yourself for at least 12 hours then eat at the right time for whatever location you are in when you arrive.

(obviously a bit late for you now)



This. The times you eat at has a huge effect. If you do continue to wake up early make sure to not eat anything until the normal time you would have breakfast (Ireland time). Carry that on through the day. I have found this help alot.

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