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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

"Hodgson For England! Or Norway / Boro / Hereford"


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With the ever growing frustration that this phallus is still at our club there appears to be a lot of talk about what we can do as fans. Tweets to Henry & Werner might not be the solution. We've a reputation to uphold so booing the manager to leave is out of the qs. As are the chants about the King. We sing about him at every game & hence wont get the attention it deserves.


So what do we do? - take a leaf out of the Blackburn fans playbook - "Hogdson for England". It's perfect. Shove it right up the journo's arses who are currently protecting him. Even the scum on Sky would have to cover it. I'm at the game on Sunday. Plenty of ale beforehand to give me the strength to do this as I can't believe I'm about to go into Anfield to belittle the manager. But we live in desperate times. The new owners simply must get the message that we ain't kidding around here. 5 mins in. Start the chant. "Hodgson for England".


Who's in?!

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"Hodgson For Hereford"


Apologies to any Hereford fans about the place but at least he cant take you nay lower until the end of the season

The mighty bulls turned round a 3-0 deficit v northampton at the weekend, they wouldn't take him. And they are managerless.

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