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Optical Illusions


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Anyone see the Horizons optical illusions proggie last night? Aside from the usual filler and stuff-you've-seen-before, there was one "illusion" I'd never experience before.


They showed a man saying "baa baa baa" over and over again. They then cut to the same man saying "faa faa faa" and the difference was clear. The "illusion" was that the sound he made was exactly the same both times - he was always saying "baa", but if you were given a visual image of his mouth making a "f" noise you couldn't stop yourself from hearing "faa".


Weird stuff.

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There are rumours on the interweb that after 35 years of research Roy will try a new optical version of this on Sunday. Really the team will be playing easy passes through the back four with limited escapades over the half way line with random shots at the corner flags, however, what in fact we'll be seeing is something approaching the 1970 Brazil team, although playing in red rather than yellow, and that is the real genius of it

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