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Russell Brand

charlie clown

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I've always like him. He's made a career out of being very different , but ultimately he's very well grounded.


Well in lad.


John, are you sure about that? I've always thought he loves to take the piss out of the rag rather than like the rag. Those red tops have hammered him at times, and he often does sets laying into how daft they are.

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maybe it was in a stand-up routine rather than the book. he does slag it off but also says that he likes it and buys it.


I wanted to talk to you about the S*n and that a bit, really. You know, cos I like ... I like the S*n a bit. I've read it all my life and I sort of have an odd relationship with The Sun newspaper. I kind of think of it as a friend, but ...


Do any of you have a friend that you, like, f***ing hate? That has infiltrated your life and is trying to surreptitiously make you be a bit racist with the offer of a £1 day trip to France. "Come on, come on, it's all right, £1 day trip to France. It'll be well all right, it'll be pukka, it'll be pukka! There's too many asylum-seekers coming in the country." What, what? What?


"Nah, just saying £1 day trip to France. It'll be pukka!" You said something about asylum-seekers. "I f***ing never! Come on, do a Sudoku. Be f***ing brilliant!"

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Good lad..


I used to hate him (for no real reason, other than the fact he annoyed the s*** out of me).. but then I got into his Radio show, Podcasts etc.. now I think he's brilliant.

His Podcasts are back now too, just under the 'Talksport' guise now.. same stuff though!

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Doesn't seem like a publicity thing to me.


Very impressed.


Wasn't suggesting it was. Just surprised he has another book out.


Don't think he meant it like that, think it was just surprise that he has a second book out?


F*** off Dad!!

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