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For Charlie Clown and Pipnasty in particular  Jeru the Damaja's new single..  https://open.spotify.com/track/30KbE2jbwCpe8iMrS7f8aj?si=lC-t4YhVSZu-XGQaajfK6Q

Hop hop is a new thing btw

New but sounds like something from Warp Records from the early 90's Or maybe Future Sounds of London. I like it.

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Yeah, thought Macca could have sorted freebies out for us too but it looks like that boat has sailed. 

actually I have some mad ambient thing of his on my dropbox, bang me your email & I'll add you to the folder.


It was on the stereo in the bogs of my old work & it was f***ing great

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anyone heard Steve Mason's new LP - Meet the Humans?


Also I see the Coral have a new LP out, to generally good reviews


yeah. i really like the steve mason one. but am a bit biased owing to beta band obsession.

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the lyrics are, frankly, appalling.

Well that's about as surprising as Ian Brown's live vocals being ropey.


Was ever thus ;)


They're still "one of my favourite ever bands" tho :)

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I can't really find fault with the first album because I love it but I think if I really thought about the lyrics hard, they're not awe inspiring.


Second album is also not exactly poetry lyric wise but as I say, I still love them - maybe just because of the time in my life they came along.


I think we can all agree Ian Brown's vocals live are a bit patchy tho :)

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