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A mate of mine is going through the following scenario and I wonder if someone on here might know what his legal position might be....


He lived with his girlfriend as a happy couple for some 11 years or so.


Sadly she passed away a little while ago.


He wishes to stay in the property they shared and rented jointly, and pays full rent to landlord in order to do so. Landlord is happy with the situation.


Her family want to come to the property and take 'her things' away but my mate argues that he wants some time in the property with things as they were, while he comes to terms with his loss.


Is there any legal process by which her family can set a timeframe after which they can come and take things away from the property and how would they argue what they were 'entitled' to take?


Oh and she did not leave a will.


From my layman's point of view I'd have thought as the 'common law' husband and a lessee of the property, my mate holds most of the cards?


Any advice or info of similiar exeriences would be appreciated.



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I really can't see anything but a court deciding that one.


Really? Interesting.


It seemed to me that my mate would be in a strong position.


To clarify he is not saying they can't have anything, just saying that he wants a bit of time with things before the property is pulled apart. He's a good lad and being very polite about it but they are putting pressure on him to set a date as soon as possible when they can come and take stuff.


His missus only passed away a few weeks ago. Seemed he was being reasonable to me given the timeframe but I'm not a legal expert and don't know how the law views it.

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