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LFC Fans Counter Claim

Frosty Jack

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And if you lose?


Yes, that's right, you'd have to pay Hicks and Gilett's costs.


What a truly s*** idea.


Not my idea. Besides which they're suggesting a class action.



And if Liverpool fans want to cause legal nuisance for Tom Hicks in return, good luck to them.







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Yes, I'm sure he's s***ting himself that a spotty 16 year old has started a facebook group.


It's just doubled in size from 2500 to 5000 in an hour Phil.


If they want to do this, what right does anyone have to dismiss it as pointless?

If they succeed in bringing a class action against Hicks Holdings. It'll at least provide some laughs.


Or are they all supposed to turn up to the SoS meeting and discuss the same idea in November or something?

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Yeah. It'd be funny. For Hicks when it gets laughed out of court and not so funny when they're told to pay for Hicks' legal team.


Suffering and distress? Really?


Maybe they could use your extensive knowledge of the American legal system?


this US Attourney, a Liverpool fan, is interested in taking it on.




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I'm having an Indian tonight.


I shall sue them if I get the s***s, for they will cause me a massive amount of distress and suffering.


It's f***ing ridiculous and the type of thing we're laughing at them for doing with their ridiculous claims of sending the board to jail.


Distress and suffering my f***ing hoop.

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where exactly is the counter claim? what's being claimed? bit of a rubbish page that, asking people to sign up without making it clear what they're signing up for


It just looks like they've just thrown it together and it's developing on the fly, the exact nature of the claim is not going to be clear until that attorney comes up with an arguably viable one, all there are right now are suggestions.

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No, it's people being deadly serious.


People like this should be sectioned.


you wouldn't believe the claims that actually get upheld in the US, irrespective of this you're being a bit of a prick tbh


I'll elaborate, the thing is while this whole f***ing thing is playing out we the fans are largely emasculated we are waiting at the behest of others that we hope are acting in our interests and while that's happening people with a significant emotional investment want to feel like they have a part to play and can impact however marginally the soap being played around them. Now while some of this is going to be of little or no consequence if it makes people feel better about their contribution then that's fine and the kind of belittling you and Wayne have done completely misses the point.


Alternatively you can go on forums professing to have information that you can't share with other Liverpool fans and get your jollies that way

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