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What have you got up your bum?


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A bear with a sore head

No weasel?


I currently have Ed and David Milliband reconciling their differences in my lower intestine, and a cherry bakewell between my trouser hams.

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My dad's a doctor. When I was about 14, I was reading one of his medical journals & there was an X-Ray of someone who had a bike pump up their a***.


Except it wasn't partially up there, i.e. sticking out of the a***; it was completely inside the person.



did you wipe the page after?

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A prolapsed rectum.


Which probably doesn't answer the question, because that is what I've got down my bum, not up my bum.

One of the worst medical pictures I've ever seen was a weightlifter with a prolapse who was straining just a bit too hard! Not pretty at all.

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