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Rubbish beer

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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A different slant...


OK - so we all know s**** like Skol, Carling Black Label, Harp etc. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm more referring to lousy beer that you used to frequently drink on the misguided belief that it was nice.


I'll start you off...


Back in the day, late 80s, when we used to go to the Hac, they sold Breaker Lager (or Pils). Everyone* used to drink the stuff. Then we stopped going & I stopped drinking it.


A few years later, I saw some & in a bad moment of nostalgia, purchased. The stuff if awful.


This brings me onto the next one - early 90s in Newcastle I used to drink Holsten Pils. All of your fingernails were green the next day after scratching off the foil.


f***ing awful stuff.


And then less-so Stella and Kronenbourg

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It was always cans of Breaker and Red Stripe in clubs. Before that, when we were 16, and its damn shameful to admit, we all thought a bottle of Sol with a slice of lime in a pub was the class.

Southern comfort and lemonade aswell, what c*** told us to drink that ?

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oranjeboom took off and was really popular, then died a slow death, it was the in thing for awhile.


castlemain 4x was another that was not up to much when Australian beers were cool.


I bought some Fosters lager and bitter the other week and decided to make myself a golden, my drink of choice when I lved in England, and it was a major disappointment. Eiither the beers were bad, or my palate has been changed by drinking so much pale ale and microbrew beer.

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6 Dutch gold and a nagan of jack was €10 in molloys in blanch.


Lived on that for 5 years or so.


Had a can of it when I was home last. Absolutely foul stuff. I rarely stray from heiniken or becks vier these days.


Fosters and Bud are awful. Give you terrible hangovers too, in my experience.

Bud especially gives you one of the worst hangovers ever.

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Fosters is alright to drink, but it makes other stuff taste rank afterwards. Not because its so good, but because its so bland it makes other stuff taste weird.


Kronenbourg is the most disgusting commercial lager you can buy. Absolute filth.

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feck off :rant:



breaker and bottles of mad dog 20/20 were always the drink of choice before going out clubbing too - back in the day

Or Thunderbird wine when I was at Art college.


Any one remember Lamot lager, had a cool for its day animated knight in armour on horse back for the advert. British lager that never really took off because, I was once told, it had never seen a brewery in its life. Flavoured, chemical alcohol is what it was made of, smae as White Lightening cider apparently.

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Sol's alright. Surely that's madness sticking it into a bad beer thread?


I haven't tasted it for a long time. Its just remembering myself at 16 in a pub with a wedge of lime sticking out the neck of the bottle. It was the idea that we were having something special because of the lime.

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