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Relegation 6 pointer at Everton

Red Kent

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Soccer Saturday nobheads really sticking the boot in on Torres.


Jeff insinuating that he fakes injuries, Le Tissier tentatively agreeing and Charlie Nicholas saying he's too pampered.


On the takeover we should be worried that they haven't paid the full debt off.


And they were all bumming Hodgson.


It's been turned off.



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Well the text i just got was




Johnson Carra Skrtel Konchesky


Meireles Poulson Lucas Cole


Gerrard Torres


Well if that's true, the Pierrot has done it a fvckin agin. No football shall be played through the Axis of Evil, Carra, Skrtel, Poulson & Lucas (ably backed up by PFK)

Everton could still put out now, Ball, Kendal and Harvey, and still dominate that midfield Woy.

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If Hodgson continues playing Meireles at RM he'll ruin him. What a criminal waste of a talent.


"He had two training sessions and played on Thursday night and he played again on Sunday so it is very early for me to make very strong judgements about where his best position is."
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I've just had this amended team from the one I posted earlier. Maxi for Poulsen.






The Greek







Set this team up as Mourinho's Porto:



Maxi in front of the three with Cole off Torres.


No 4-4-2. We don't have the players for it.

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