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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Relegation 6 pointer at Everton

Red Kent

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It was always gonna be him, Atkinson or Dowd. One of them c**** was always going to stich us up. As if it isn't bad enough at the moment we'll have a smiling Webb sending us to the bottom of the league.

unless we get points deducted we wont be able to be bottom, wolves playing west ham, thats the bit of positive news

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"Howard's a lovely bloke, good friend of my close friend Sir Alex and we will all share a lovely glass of red wine later. I though he was right in the decisions he made against us. This is a tough place to come to and expect a referee to get all the decisions right and those he got wrong were just one of those things. David (Moyes) was saying to me how other Liverpool managers have come here and made things difficult for his team, made the home crowd unhappy and taken the points. I'm glad that my Liverpool allowed the home supporters to go home happy because that is something we have failed to do since before my time.


I'm a little disappointed by some our fans and their inability to understand the situation we are in. I have a lot of experience at the bottom and so I'm the right man for this job and say,"Stick with us - we'll get there eventually".

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I've got Gibo's tickets so I'll have to do a big HI ALAN if I see you Al.


Share a taxi to town at half time anyone?



I will look for a salt obsessed man in a wax jacket, rapping.


If you are about before the game, we will probably be in the arkles.


last chance to watch Poulsen pull on a red shirt perhaps?


I would pay twice the ticket price if that happened

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Anything that speeds up the departure of that scumbag Hodgson is fine.


To be honest, give him enough rope he will hang himself


losing at everton is never ever a good thing




Me too.

And I'm in the Glawdys Street End

Defo no good gonna come out of this


As I said, we will be in the arkles if you are having a bevy.

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really can't see us winning this at all, the best thing we can hope for is a 0-0 with Reina playing a blinder


Roy will set our team up to only lose by 3 or 4 goals.

A moral victory if they only score 1 or 2

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