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Gerrard loses England captaincy to Plug


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because I've wanted to use that 'who cares?' line for a while and I got all excited when I saw your post.



this is a non story yano, barney grumble mouth was always the captain, gerrard was stand in. it's as you were.


Barney grumble mouth, now that is an interesting take on things.

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I dunno. Its kudos for the player and the club. I'm no big England fan, but it helps that our players have high profiles.


Also, I think he wants and deserves it, and I'd like to have seen him get what he's earned.



look, I wanted to use the giant who cares line and this was the easiest...

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Nice to see him having a laugh on England duty.


Meanwhile, Reina is keeping in touch with the supporters via the media.

Pepe's demeanour in that interview wasn't great.

Looked really pissed off and so he should be.

He's the players conscience at the moment not the self servers.

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