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Mill Finance e-mail campaign


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Email campaign under way to dissuade Mill Financial from helping with refinance.


To: atsiamis@springfieldfinancialco.com, rdevine@springfieldfinancialco.com


Cc: thicks@hicksholdings.com; tohjr@hicksholdings.com; mhicks@hicksholdings.com; cvest@hicksholdings.com; cemmert@hicksholdings.com; ccoffman@hicksholdings.com; ian.ayre@liverpoolfc.tv; martin.broughton@ba.com; philip.nash@liverpoolfc.tv; Jennifer Stenseth Rogus (jrogus@bcmgt.com); khurley@bcmgt.com; gngillett@bcmgt.com; info@hicksholdings.com; stephen.hester@rbs.co.uk; roger.lowry@rbs.co.uk; jon.laycock@barcap.com; kopfaithful@hotmail.co.uk



Dear Sirs,


According to reports in The Sunday Times, it is claimed that US Hedge Fund Mill Financial - an arm of Springfield Financial Company, has joined forces with Tom Hicks to try and prevent the sale of Liverpool Football Club to New England Sports Ventures, by attempting to raise cash to repay the owners debts to the Royal Bank of Scotland by the 15th of October deadline.


We write to inform you that if your company assists Tom Hicks in retaining his share in Liverpool Football Club, then the only return that you will see on your investment is bad publicity and a severe backlash from Liverpool supporters worldwide, as Michael Whitman the Senior Managing Director at the Blackstone Group will testify.


You are facing an energized, well-informed mass of Liverpool fans from around the world. We are tapped into a constant stream of information on the ownership situation. Every day, dozens of web forums buzz with the latest news. Protest marches, newspaper advertisements, boycotts and billboards are organized. Every move Hicks makes is scrutinized. And every associate of his is warned.


Refinancing is our nightmare scenario. Anybody who helps Tom Hicks refinance will become our primary target.


Yours sincerely,

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I have split this out from the main thread to ensure that it doesn't get lost. Reds need to target this lot so here're the means to do it.


mrjunk's suggestion about removing the link from the sugegsted e-mail text is a sensible one so I have taken the liberty of deleting it from there.... the link is here in case any one wants to use it in some other way.




Closed - duplicate thread.

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