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I want Rafa back

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  1. 1. Do you want Rafa back after this season?

    • Yes please - Rafa with real money would be awesome
    • No - He had his chance, let it go

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I was a believer of the Rafalution. Admittedly I didn't follow Liverpool before the early Evans days, and I have only experienced three managerial tenures, but Rafael Benitez did so many positive things for this club. Yes he was given money but in comparison to what Evans and Houllier spent, Rafa managed the club better overall.


He had to battle with Mourinho, who had unlimited funds, and whilst United’s net spend may be closer to, or lower than Liverpool’s, during Rafas tenure, Ferguson never had to settle when purchasing players. He always secured his first priority. Rafa didn’t.


Rafa did manag to raise the profile of the club and bar Chelsea and United, Liverpool finished third or higher a couple of times out of six seasons. Not to mention the Champions League runs. The team that beat Real 4-0 and United 4-1 away within days, The Rafalution-boys, is the best Liverpool-team I’ve ever seen while old enough to understand football. Rafa did that.


Youth Development is also a parameter, and Rafa had nothing to go on before he came. How many Houllier lads do you see staring around Europe? Pongolle, Le Tallec? He may not have delivered, but these things take time. What has Wenger’s kids brought home to the trophy cabinet? He’s been there for over ten years now.


Rafa budget was lowered drastically towards the end, and from there on everything went south as it in all fairness should. Had Rafa been serviced with a competitive budget, Liverpool would have prospered. The spine of the team was brilliant. Maybe the best in England, but when it came to those title-winning signings the backing wasn't there.


He had to replace Xabi and Arbeloa and Hyppia but was never given a fair chance to replace them. Do you really thinks Voronin had been signed if there was real money in the bank? Yes Aquilani was a mistake, but there should still have been at least 30m left to play with that summer.


No backing, a lot of injuries to key players in a small squad and then he gets fired. If Liverpool really is getting back to a completive financial level I really believe that Rafa should be given the chance to prove that he is the best manager for this football club.


He has given every indication of wanting to return, and Inter will surely understand if he left come summer 2011. Hodgson is not the best solution to our future. Rafa is. The Rafalution can prosper again. We just need him to come back.


Bring him back please.



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If by players you mean Carragher and Gerrard then I'd be quite content to sell the pair of them and bring Rafa back. Any player who thinks he's more important than the manager should be out the door, no matter how good they are..

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Wow, some of you lot certainly know how to jump to the wrong conclusion, well done.


The info I got was from 2 separate non-playing members of staff.


And anyone who knows me knows that I was a huge Rafa supporter right till the end.

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we need to move on and give someone else a chance. for all the great times we had with rafa, there were times we looked inept. even in the year we finished 2nd, around dec/january i think, we looked like we didnt have a clue.

good manager but time to move on

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