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The new, submissive Liverpool FC under Roy Hodgson


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I was being as generous as I could. My own opinion is that he'll get us fewer points.


The poster above has it spot on with reference to Broughton's comments to the press about the manager release clause. Its almost certain that he'll be sacked before December, I was just trying to look at the fixtures and see where it would leave us if he wasn't sacked in short order. the answer is quite clearly, up s*** creek.




Its not easy to set fire to an aquatic mammal.


I just don't see the porpoise in doing so...

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I just don't see the porpoise in doing so...


but it would get much otter.


If the new owners didn't get rid, I'd seriously question their sanity.


They will have just invested £300m and want to get the maximum possible performance from their first season as owners.


My guess is they are keeping their powder dry until they actually have the club, and then they will bring their own man in asap. Broughton has started talking about Hodgsons clause for a reason, surely PR work on behalf of the owners. There is no way the NESV will be deaf to the boos and the anti-Hodgson feelings doing the rounds - let alone the results.


They'll know that their first act being to get rid of Hodgson will further endear them to the fans, after getting rid of Hicks and Gillett.


I hope.


Klinsmann? Bob Bradley?

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